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Portrait // John Turns Thirty


This session is near and dear to my heart. It's because my husband finally let me do a photo-shoot with him. He doesn't particularly like taking photos but I begged him to do it since this is for his big 3-0! 

I was so excited when he said yes! It was perfect too because I just received some new lights that I wanted to try out. We went out to go shopping for his outfit and we had to compromise on which items to get. He has a more comfortable style and I wanted him to try some outfits out. We settled with a white tee, black jeans, a sporty jacket and his Jordan 11s. Then I went ahead and set up my home studio.

I decided to use my Savage Seamless Paper backdrop in Grey. Then I set up my new lights. They are continuous LED lighting set up on each side. It is adjustable and shines a cool white light. I added some color filters to have the split effect (blue on the left and red on the right). He was unconfortable at first but got the hang of it after. Here are the final shots. I'm so happy at how these turned out.

I am one lucky gal to have such a studly hubby  and a very happy birthday to him. I hope this means that he will be willing to do more shoots with me. 

For session inquiries, email me at hello[at]kaisotto.com

♥ kai

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Model: Hubby

Location: Kai Sotto Photography Home Studio

Gear: Canon 6D - Canon 50mm f/1.2 - Yongnuo YN600 Air LED Light

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